Thursday, October 7, 2010

Firefox building.

Yes. On Tuesday we were tasked with downloading the source code for firefox and building it. It actually wasn't too hard to start, once I'd actually dug into it.  Here's a good launch pad for anyone interested in starting this tonight. (start now, it'll be done by tomorrow morning...)

So I installed Mercurial and connected, then downloaded the newest source for Firefox 3.6 which took about 2 hours due to strangely horrible internet connection.

And actually, getting into this was pretty easy, the directions are pretty clear and my stumbling point came about 5 minutes ago when I realized I had a version of Visual Studio that apparently can't compile Firefox 3.6... I have Visual Studio 2010, and the make command cries "c++ compile cannot create executables" and then tells me to correct the error.


In other news, I now work in the TEL building here at Seneca/York working on an open source project called OpenVULab, which is a web accessibility  research tool! Right now it doesn't look like there's much on the web about it, but I'll be tweeting about it here so please feel free mosey on over and have a read. This project will have a bit more presence on the web after I've been working there for a bit!

Anyway, time to work out firefox.

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