Thursday, October 21, 2010

More sound related stuff.

Shortly after my last post I got that demo I was trying to do working. Alright! It's a bit funny still... sometimes it sounds like the songs sort of 'doubles up', one instance of the song ever so slightly ahead of the other.

This stuff, I'm finding now is really quite overwhelming, and my 0.1 release is going to be very very underwhelming unfortunately. Most of the work I've done I just end up scrapping because it just doesn't work properly. Anyway, these are things that can be remedied by simply asking the right person and I've just sort of been trying to do all of this work in a bubble, which hasn't served me too well.

OKAY so anyways, the next demo I'd like to make, which I'm working on just now, will basically play a song (a .ogg file, as I learned last week) and by also using BeatDetektor.js, I'd like to make text on the page kind of 'pulse'. Maybe after that I can turn it all into a bookmarklet that can be run on any page. And music.js can be used to make the music that feeds beatdetektor and changes the text? Lofty ambitions for someone who has only just recently made an ogg file play in his browser!


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