Friday, October 15, 2010

Fun with Audio tag

Hello every one.

So, last night I was looking at the Audio Data API and I figured I'd play around a bit and just try and get a song playing in my browser using the HTML5 audio tag. It took FOREVER because I didn't know that Firefox doesn't support mp3s in AUDIO. It makes sense now that it's been explained to me(Apparently it's a licensing issue and would break Mozilla's open source policy) but last night I was rage-facing like crazy ( ie. "WHAT THE HELL IS AN OGG FILE?!?!")

Alright, so I downloaded this mp3 to ogg encoder and I was on my way.

My next step was to take this Totally awesome demo and insert a song of my choice into it. This meant downloading a few javascript libraries(dsp.js, processing.js, init.js and jquery.somethingsomething.etc) Still didn't quite work.

In order to run this demo LOCALLY on my machine I have to change a variable in firefox's autoconfig by going to about:config and changing security.fileuri.strict_origin_policy to FALSE.

Finally, after some input from Dave Humphrey it seems like my next step is to ensure that the right encoding information is loaded into the demo. Currently sampleRate and framesize is hardcoded, and not the same as that of the song I was going to use. So I'm going to make sure that information is drawn from the file instead of simply hardcoded. Then I can spin Q and F dials on ALL MY FAVORITE SONGS.


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