Thursday, October 21, 2010

My new demo

ALRIGHT, I finished that little thing I mentioned earlier just now. And yes, going on IRC and actually speaking up helped quite a bit.

Basically, I took this demo and used it as my template(I removed all the webGL stuff). When I asked about it on IRC, the fellow who'd made these demos and wrote BeatDetektor was actually there to answer questions and explain how it worked... which was... awesome...

So this whole thing turned out pretty good. I can make it a bit more sophisticated later. For those who may be interested, the link is here.

I've also uploaded the first demo I got working with audio data API and it is here. This demo was just me pasting whatever song I wanted into an existing demo and automating onLoadedMetaData event so nothign was hardcoded.

The best part of this whole thing was when I thought my audio processing loop didn't work... so I put in a window.alert to test it thinking it would STOP the page. Instead it produced hundreds of alert windows. After that I knew it worked.


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