Friday, October 22, 2010 0.1 release

0.1 still isn't quite as far along as I'd hoped it would be. I had some hiccups getting Git to work(yes, it got MUCH MORE COMPLICATED) but now it all seems to be good. I have music.js located right here. So far I've plugged the Scales¬es.js from Bloop into the spots where I THINK they might go. This data and the template were provided by F1LT3R. The goal is to get bloop to use Music instead of Scales¬es.js.

I've produced the following demos as well:
Jupiter Approach
the file is named 'third' because my first one simply played a song in a browser. My second one was a godawful mess that got scrapped. This one, as I mentioned previously is based on a previously existing DSP demo. My changes put all the variable initialization inside the onAudioAvailable and onLoadedMetaData events. Previously it was hard coded.
This one was much harder. After a few more attempts, I finally finished this, which uses beatdetektor and causes text inside the div to pulse.

0.2 will require more research(Research was a major portion on 0.1, the links to my resources are provided in my last post). I really need to remind myself about keys and chords and all that other music related information that has hidden in the darkest recesses of my brain from disuse.

for 0.2 I hope to add more meaningful contributions to music, and build a few demos of my own. I've already resolved to work much more openly, since all of my successes came when I actually spoke up in IRC.

I'm also going to try and build some popcorn demos using beatdetektor. (ie, play a music video and do crazy stuff to it on the beats.)


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