Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I've got to get a gig on Git.

As is so eloquently explained in the title of this post, I have exposed myself to the world of GIT. My repository isn't QUITE a gig yet, but these things do take some time.

This process of starting a repository and getting git working on my system was built up to be quite difficult, but I actually found it much easier than going through hg and building Firefox. It took maybe 30 minutes(as opposed to... hours...).

I started my journey with Git here and after signing up(for the very fair cost of zero dollars) I was provided with very detailed instructions of how to create my SSH key and how to begin my first repository. The fruits of my labours can be found here.

The readme file is empty. BUT it comes with a very special message: "My very first commit".

Tonight I'm going to finally get cracking at music.js so I can put something awesome in a new repository. Getting started on these things is always the hardest part, but once the ball is rolling... Oh my yes.


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